Fisher Price Rock And Play Sleeper Review


The Fisher Price Rock and Play Sleeper is a must have for new parents who want to have a place to keep their little ones safe and comfortable all the time.



Fisher Price Rock And Play Sleeper

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This Rock and Play Sleeper is highly useful for soothing, playing or letting your baby sleep in a comfortable way. With its cool features, you are sure to spend your money well when you buy one.

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Fisher Price Newborn Rock and Play Sleeper is the perfect sleeping spot for newborn babies. It has a gentle rocking action, an inclined position, and a soft elephant toy. After a simple push, the hammock will gently start rocking until your baby falls asleep. As one of the best-selling sleep seats in the market, it can turn into your baby's valuable naptime companion.

Here is a short video from Fisher-Price showing the main features of the Rock N Play Sleeper:



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Where To Use The Rock And Play Rocker


Fisher Price Newborn Rock & Play Sleeper is high enough to stay near you while you are eating lunch or using your computer. You can also place it near you every time you are doing the dishes or finishing other household chores. Since you can use this baby rocker almost everywhere in your house, you can keep an eye on your baby even while you are doing other important tasks.


Rock N Play

 You can also use this Fisher Price Rock N Play Sleeper as a travel bed. Although it is lightweight and portable, its durable construction makes it perfect for holding babies that are up to twenty-five pounds. If you want to slip it at the back of your car or store it somewhere safe, you can easily fold it up within five seconds. Since it does not consume too much space, you can always keep it under your bed or even inside your closet.

You can also take the Fisher Price Rock and Play Sleeper to restaurants. This way, you can get your child out of his uncomfortable car seat and make him sit right next to you. It is also light enough to carry with one hand so you do not have to feel stressed about taking it to fancy restaurants and other places. You will feel happy with your meal after you have seen how calm and comfortable your baby seems in her new rocker.


Here is what one happy AMAZON customer said about the Rock And Play Sleeper:


A Lifesaver!!

My wife and I are new parents, times two, and this has been a huge lifesaver. Both of our little girls have the acid reflux going on, and want to be held all the time. This rocker has given us a little needed downtime, and is especially handy when they are both fussy and only one of us is home.

The best features? It's sturdy. It's lightweight. It breaks down quickly when you want to take it to the grandparent's house for the weekend.
By Well "Well"

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Features And Specifications Of The Fisher Price Rock And Play Sleeper


Fisher Price Newborn Rock N Play Sleeper is a relaxing naptime companion and a whimsical playtime seat rolled into one. Aside from giving your baby the perfect place for playing during daytime, it also serves as a comfortable place where your baby can sleep at night. Its incline seat can make sleeping more comfortable for your child especially if you need to keep his or her head elevated.

Unlike other baby gear products, Fisher Price Newborn Rock and Play Sleeper were able to meet the industry's strict safety standards. With a gentle push, your baby can keep rocking and smiling all day long without being exposed to potential safety risks. It will keep your baby secure and comfortable with its efficient restraint and plush seat covers.

This rocker sleeper is also known as an impressive jack-of-all-trades. Your baby can play, sleep, and relax in the chair without any hassle. Its durable three-point restraint will also keep your baby safe and secure all day long. It can also support your baby's neck and torso while giving him enough room to move freely.

Aside from its safe and comfortable characteristic, the Fisher Price Newborn Rock and Play Sleeper also deliver a soothing effect for babies. You can easily wash its soft inserts and cushions for diaper accidents and spills. It even has a cute toy bunny that can safely entertain your child during playtime. This baby gear product will make your baby feel safe and secure all throughout the day.


Fisher Pricer Rock N Play Sleeper vs Other Rockers


Fisher Price Rock And Play

 This rocker can keep you and your child happy while establishing a deeper connection between the two of you. Aside from keeping your baby safe and secure, it also gives you the help and support you need while you are raising your precious child. This durable baby gear product can also withstand the pressure from constant washing and using.

Unlike other rockers and hammocks, the Fisher Price Rock and Play Sleeper is very easy to assemble. After taking the tape out of its shipping box, you can already unfold it and prepare it for your baby's use. It will not require you to deal with small screws or strange parts that are often found in traditional baby rockers.

The cover of the Rock and Play Sleeper can also attach to its frame without any hassle. No matter how playful your child is, its cover will stay right in place. You can also detach its cover easily every time you need to clean or wash it. This Rock and Play Sleeper is perfect for mothers who want to give their babies the care they deserve without sacrificing their comfort and convenience.

Rock N Play Sleeper

If you are always on the go, you will also love Fisher Price Rock and Play Sleeper for its lightweight size and extreme portability.

You can take it with you while you are picking up some groceries, reading a book at the park, or visiting a friend's house. Since you can take it anywhere, you will never need to deal with your child's tantrums every time you take him somewhere else.

It is truly very convenient for you and your baby. It is pretty much just a "fold and go" baby sleeper.


Fisher Price Rock And Play Sleeper-3

 This baby sleeper rocker also has a spacious pocket for keeping your child's things. You can use that pocket to keep some wipes, a burp cloth, and some diapers. It also includes a little bunny that can soothe your child every time he throws another tantrum. Fisher Price Newborn Rock & Play Sleeper is guaranteed to help you take care of your baby in every possible way.




These are only some of the benefits from keeping this Rock And Play Sleeper in your home. Whether you want to keep your baby entertained or you just want him to have a safe and relaxing place for sleeping, the Fisher Price Rock and Play Sleeper is perfect for you and your baby.


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Fisher Price Newborn Rock And Play Sleeper